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By registering and agreeing to these terms, you hereby release Scrappin’ With The Girls, its employees, volunteers, and any sponsors, vendors, instructors or associates from any and all liability, claims, lawsuits, damages, losses, costs, and expenses of any kind which arise out of or result from your attendance and participation in the weekend, whether or not foreseeable, including personal injuries to yourself. 

ADVERTISING: With your attendance, you agree that you and/or your scrapbooks (if applicable) may be included in publicity photos.

ATTENDEE REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS / GUEST ROOMING LIST: Due to our contracts with our event venues and hotels, we require that all attendees who will be staying in a guest room during our event be listed on our “guest rooming list”. In addition to our contract requirements, this information may also help us locate a particular person or persons in case of an emergency situation.

BABIES,TODDLERS AND CHILDREN UNDER 16: There will be no babies, toddlers or children under 16 allowed in the crop room or classrooms at the Scrappin’ With The Girls weekend for extended periods of time.  A quick visit by family members is acceptable. For the benefit of others, attendees sixteen and older with a paid registration of their own and accompanied by another paid registered adult are welcome to attend our events.

BEVERAGES: To prevent unintended damage to fellow croppers’ supplies, there will be no open drink containers allowed in our crop room or class room area. Please make sure all your drinks are in a covered mug or a screw cap bottle.

CROP SPACE: Please keep your belongings condensed as close to your crop space as possible. Fire codes and other safety issues do not tolerate any clogging of walkways and doorways.

ELECTRICAL USAGE: Due to our contract with Crowne Plaza and other venues - we have limited access to electrical outlets. Our venues reserve the right to charge $15 for each power strip used, this will be considered an incidental expense and will be charged back to you. (There is no charge for extension cords.)

HOTEL INCIDENTALS: Our special weekend package rate does not include any incidentals incurred by you such as phone bills, roll-aways, microwaves, room service, movie charges, etc., and will be your responsibility to pay the hotel for these extra charges before check-out. Hotels will require a credit card upon check in for these incidentals. 

RETURNED CHECK FEE: There will be a $25.00 penalty fee added to your account balance for any checks returned for insufficient funds.

UNAPPROVED SELLING: The selling of products or services by unauthorized vendors is strictly prohibited.  Any person or group found selling items at the Scrappin’ With The Girls weekend without filling out a vendor form and paying the required vendor fees will be charged additional vendor fees and will be required to remove the items for sale from the premises immediately.

UNSOLICITED ADVERTISING: Unsolicited advertising in the form of coupons, flyers, and any other means, printed or otherwise, is strictly prohibited at our event.  Distribution of flyers, coupons and any other printed materials is in direct violation of attendee registration and our contracts with on-site vendors. If you wish to advertise in our registration packets, you may contact us for more information.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Your registration fee is due at the time of registration to hold your space.  Fifty Dollars ($50.00) of the registration fee is non-refundable (unless otherwise noted on the events page).  The remaining amount based on your hotel room occupancy rate is due 6 weeks prior to the event (unless otherwise noted on the events page).  We do realize that "life happens" sometimes and unforeseen circumstances may prohibit you from attending.  However, in order for us to keep our contract with the hotels we are bound to our commitments and contracts.  If the hotel/resort are operational - the event will go on and we will not issue refunds.  Should we need to cancel an event due to COVID regulations and government restrictions we will issue refunds or apply them to the next scheduled event.  We will address, monitor and communicate with you should anything prevent us from holding an event.


We will not cancel the Scrappin' With The Girls Retreat for any reason, including inclement weather.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ROOMMATES: When you cancel, your roommate(s) are automatically changed to the correct package, and they will be responsible for the increase in their package costs. They have the option to replace your spot with someone else.  If you are due a refund according to our cancellation policy above, your roommate(s) must pay for their new package balance before any refunds are made to insure that all room charges are covered.


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