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Some of our FAVORITE things!

In August 2023, SWTG hosted a "FAVORITE THINGS" themed retreat, which quickly became one of our all-time favorites! That retreat inspired us to create this page. While we all enjoy "scraplifting" ideas from one another, we also wanted to highlight the fantastic products and people who help us create amazing album pages. Browse through our list of recommended products and companies to help you organize and create!

This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Your support helps us continue to provide valuable content and recommendations. Thank you!

stamp n storage WEB AD 5.27.2024.png

There is nothing better than seeing all of your tools at a glance, knowing what you have, and easily grabbing what you need to complete that page!  SWTG has had the Stamp-n-Storage in our studio for a year now.  It is so satisfying to see all of our Creative Memories Border Maker Cartridges so organized!  The best part is - if you can't make a decision - just spin and see what you land on! 

Epson Scanner 5.27.2024.jpg

So many scrapbookers are looking for a quick and trustworthy way to scan one of a kind old photos so you have a digital copy before you put them in your albums.  The Epson FF-680W is not only fast but is gentle on your photos!  The best part is that it will scan the front and the back so that you can capture that handwritten description on the back that we often don't get to see once they are in our albums!

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