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Frequently Asked Questions

What COVID protocol will you follow at events?

By now, most of have been paying attention to the experts.  We have learned good hygiene and masks are key.  This is subject to change based on advancements, vaccine, education, etc.  As of now - our protocol to stay safe and prevent the spread is as follows: 1) Government restrictions and advisory is a priority.  We will follow all restrictions from officials even if it means reducing the number of attendees or cancelling our event (see cancellation policy below).  2) Social distancing at least 6 feet apart at all times 3) Each person will have a 6 x 6 foot space in the crop room.


You will also notice additional changes at events like group pictures, vendor classes, etc.  Additionally, if overnight accommodations are part of the event - everyone can decide on their own how many roommates they will have (up to 4 per room).  However, we highly recommend no more than two in a room.

May I bring my child? 

So many times our worlds revolve around our children and we love them very much - but sometimes a small break is healthy.  To recognize the small break we need (and deserve!) we ask that your children do not accompany you in the scrapbooking room or classroom areas of the event.  Children 16 years or older are welcome to attend with your supervision and their own paid registration.  

What is the cancellation policy?

Your registration fee is due at the time of registration to hold your space.  Fifty Dollars ($50.00) of the registration fee is non-refundable (unless otherwise noted on the events page).  The remaining amount based on your hotel room occupancy rate is due 6 weeks prior to the event (unless otherwise noted on the events page).  We do realize that "life happens" sometimes and unforeseen circumstances may prohibit you from attending.  However, in order for us to keep our contract with the hotels we are bound to our commitments and contracts.  If the hotel/resort are operational - the event will go on and we will not issue refunds.  Should we need to cancel an event due to COVID regulations and government restrictions we will issue refunds or apply them to the next scheduled event.  We will address, monitor and communicate with you should anything prevent us from holding an event.

Will there be music?

I believe in music - I believe it guides our memories.  We do have music at our events for many different reasons including motivation, inspiration and reflecting.  However, I know that no two people have the same playlist!  SWTG has compiled a playlist of approximately 1,000 tasteful songs from different genres and different generations to appeal to all types of scrapbookers.  But let's face it - I don't always understand or interpret the lyrics correctly.  If for any reason you take offense to anything you hear - it will be removed from the list.  You are encouraged to click on this link to recommend something you would like to hear at an event.

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