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Scrappin' With The Girls welcomes you to our Fall 2022 retreat!

While brainstorming for a theme this season - I thought what do I look forward to most after a long fun filled summer?  The first thing that came to my mind was spending time around a firepit, with a cozy blanket and eating smores.  Definitely not by myself though - I have to have my friends and family hanging out with me.  So just as football players are called "boys of fall" ---- our little fall scrapbook retreat this year is called "friends of fall". 

So let's jump into fall together with a pretend firepit, our coziest flannel shirt, a warm mug, and 29 of our closest scrapbooking friends!


I have created a page just for you to stay up to date with the event.  You can find event details by clicking the boxes below.  Some links will not be active until the noted release date and time during the event.

Your weekend schedule is up to you!  This is YOUR time to enjoy with your friends and create your scrapbook masterpieces!  If you like a little more structure and want to get involved in contests, classes or other things going on - we have a tentative schedule for you!

This link will take you to the resort map so that you know exactly where you are going when you get here, where to check in, and where the restaraunt is.  

This is where you will find event announcements including the ever important PRIZE drawing winners!  You can find a list of names that are drawn throughout the event.  You may want to check this when you leave the room to see if you missed your name being called!

We will have two sketch layout contests - one each day.  Participation is not required - this is just a little friendly competition to inspire our creativity!  


Class sign-ups will be in the event lobby.  You may sign up yourself and one other person.   Please note that classes may have a cost associated with them.  You will pay the instructor directly. 


This page summarizes some event rules, suggestions and common questions I have received.  If your questions aren't answered here please go to the next box to the right and contact me!

What would a scrapbooking retreat be without pictures? Event pictures will be posted here!  I would love to see some pictures of you and your friends at the photo booth or random snapshots!  Strike a pose then upload it here to share your beautiful smiles with everyone!


If at anytime during this event you need anything - that's what I am here for!  Please call, text or email me:



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