Hi, I’m Allison. I've been married to my husband, Dale, for more than 30 years.  We have three children. Our daughter, Natalie, is married to John, and they have sweet twin girls named Madison and Hannah.  They live in Huntsville, Alabama. Our son, David, is married to Alisha and teaches in Gillette, Wyoming.  They have two sweet little boys named Mason and Parker.  Our youngest son, Stuart is married to Lauren. They live in Cokeville, Wyoming. They have one sweet little girl, Kiddlee and a sweet little boy, McCrae.  Many of you know how hard being so far away is from children and grandchildren.  We try to see them as often as possible.  

I have been creating family scrapbooks and helping others create theirs as a Scrapbooking Consultant since 1997. After attending many scrapbook retreats in several different places, having one in Asheville has been a long time dream of mine. I am so excited to have found a few lovely ladies who have agreed to help me make this dream come true.  It is all I dreamed it could be. I look forward to meeting many new scrapbookers and spending time with those who have supported us each year!!!  Scrapbookers are very special folks and I love being around them.   


Hi, I’m Teresa. My husband Rick and I have been blessed with three children (Janaica, Brittany married to Justin, & our son Dylan) & 5 grandchildren (Lucy, Liz, Jude, Mason, and Rylynn). I grew up in the Candler/Asheville area and have always loved living here. When I’m not scrapbooking, I love spending time at the lake in Lenoir City, Tennessee, with my family! 

Allison & Melissa pulled me (kicking and screaming) into scrapbooking in 2003, and I have loved it ever since!! I’ve attended scrapbooking events for years, and  I’m very excited to be a part of hosting this scrapbooking event in Asheville with my best friends! I hope to see lots of you at our awesome event!



Hi, I’m Natalie.  My husband, John, and I live in Huntsville, Alabama with our twin daughters, Hannah and Madison.  We love to travel and visit our family, who are spread out across the country.  I started scrapbooking with my mom, Allison (one of “The Girls”), when I was a junior in high school.  I love having the ability to share my trips and activities with people through my scrapbooks. 

After attending many scrapbooking events all over the country for years now, we are excited to bring you all the experiences we have had to Asheville. We look forward to seeing you at Scrappin’ with the Girls Retreat!


Hi, I'm Melissa.  My husband, Greg, and I live in Asheville, NC. I grew up in Sparta, NC, and moved to Fayetteville, NC, for eight years before moving to Asheville.  Greg is a life-long resident and I have lived here since 1997.  I love the beauty of the mountains in this area and also enjoy working for Hominy Baptist Church in Candler.  I have three children, Matthew, Kelsie, and Grace.  

I started scrapbooking with Allison in 1997 and have enjoyed creating memories and sharing them with family and friends. I have attended several weekend scrapbook retreats with "The Girls" and have always enjoyed the time with these very special friends.  I find that the time away helps me to focus and gets lots accomplished. I am very excited to be helping to bring this type of event to Asheville so that others can enjoy our beautiful city and have a weekend away with scrapbook friends!